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About WReNNZ

The Wildlife Rehabilitators Network of New Zealand (WReNNZ) is a national organisation dedicated to supporting New Zealand wildlife. Our members are focused on improving community wildlife education and delivering best practice rehabilitation. Many members operate rehabilitation facilities, accessing support and resources through our  network of experienced rehabilitators.

In 1991 Rosemary Tully began rescuing wildlife and in 2002 she began running regular rehabilitation training workshops which led to the formation of WReNNZ in 2009. Rosemary was involved in wildlife rescue and training for over 20 years and a founding member of WReNNZ. In 2019 WReNNZ Committee awarded Rosemary Honorary Life Membership.

WReNNZ worked with the Department of Conservation (DOC), Massey Wildlife Department and experienced rehabilitators to develop WReNNZ care standards, which are now used to help all rehabilitators deliver optimum care outcomes.

WReNNZ holds regular conferences and workshops on wildlife rehabilitation, giving participants the opportunity to meet and discuss wildlife issues with like minded people, access experts in their chosen field and discuss ideas with those that can make a difference.

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