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Oiled Response Wildlife Training

Massey University and the University of California at Davis 

Level 1 Foundations of Oiled Wildlife Response

Level 2 online Oiled Wildlife Response Course – Rehabilitation and Facilities development.

Level 1

Level 2 follows on from the Level 1 Foundations in oiled wildlife response and has eight online modules including:

Topic 1: Introduction

Topic 2: Field Stabilisation

Topic 3: At the gate

Topic 4: Intake

Topic 5: Pre-wash Stabilisation

Topic 6: Wash – Rinse – Dry

Topic 7: Conditioning

Topic 8: Release


Both courses are developed by the only two Universities in the world with comprehensive oiled wildlife readiness and response programs. These world leaders in higher education are also at the forefront of oiled wildlife research – advancing knowledge of best practice in the management and care of oiled wildlife. UC Davis and Massey University have led more than 70 oiled wildlife responses throughout the world, meaning this OWRT has been developed and delivered by highly experienced oil response researchers, trainers, and practitioners. OWRT Courses are accredited by the New Zealand Veterinary Nurses Association.


For more information and to enrol please visit their website.




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