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Vet Clinics Membership

Vet Clinics Membership is for all veterinary clinics actively rehabilitating New Zealand wildlife, and those keen to become more involved.

By joining WReNNZ network you will gain access to members only material for vets and rehabilitators, access to WReNNZ experienced network members for advice and NZ vets will be entitled to one vote at WReNNZ meetings.

You will be supporting WReNNZ community wildlife education and wildlife training for best rehabilitation outcomes. In addition to exclusive material for vets and rehabilitators you will receive WReNNZ newsletters and discounted wildlife training opportunities.

By joining you agree to accept and abide by WReNNZ rules and confirm your aim to provide best practice care.


Members are also invited to actively share your experience writing articles for WReNNZ website and sharing your wildlife veterinary experiences with WReNNZ online Facebook community.

Clinic membership qualifies one vet and one vet nurse to access discounted member rates for wildlife training including WReNNZ national conferences.

If your clinic has additional vets or vet nurses that you would like linked to your membership to access discounted training rates, extra clinic memberships are available for $29 per person per annum. If you would to organise this, contact us after purchasing your membership below, to let us know how many extra people you'd like linked and we will invoice this separately.

Featured Clinics

Veterinary clinics with extensive wildlife experience can request to be listed on WReNNZ website.

You can also request permission to use WReNNZ logo on your site to promote your WReNNZ membership, your support of wildlife and your dedication to best practice wildlife care.

Your membership will renew annually and you can contact us at any time if you would like to make changes.

Vet Clinic Membership is $79 per annum.


Fill in the short form below to join now and pay securely via Paypal.

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