Organisations Supporting NZ Wildlife Rehabilitation


Below are Associate Organisations and Corporate Supporters partnering with WReNNZ to support and promote best practice wildlife rehabilitation in New Zealand. 

If your organisation or business would like to join WReNNZ, Wildlife Rehabilitators Network of New Zealand, we would love you to become a member and get more involved.

Learn Bird Care

Learn Bird Care is a training organisation dedicated to upskilling people to capture, handle, rehabilitate and release sick, injured or abandoned birds. We offer face-to-face workshops and online training, including a free introductory course for anyone interested in learning. Our more advanced courses are for new or experienced rehabilitators and veterinary nurses or vets wanting to develop bird-related skills and knowledge.

Wild Bird Care

Wild Bird Care Charitable Trust has been operating since 2009. The trust offers practical and helpful information to assist in the rescue and short-term care of birds.  Wild Bird Care also has an online shop that offers some of those necessary items when caring for wildlife.  Discounts are offered to WReNNZ members.

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