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Bird Rescue Dunedin - WReNNZ Conference Scholarship Winner 2019

WReNNZ offered a Conference Scholarship for rehabilitators for the recent 2019 conference in May in Christchurch. There were some fantastic applications and the winner selected was Sue Cook from Bird Rescue Dunedin.

Sue is one of WReNNZ amazing members doing incredible work to help native and non-native birds. Helping wildlife is Sue's passion which is why she started Bird Rescue Dunedin and she has been rehabilitating birds now for 4 years.

Prompted by her love of birds, Sue became interested in wildlife rehabilitation after realising how many native and non-native birds in New Zealand needed help.

She takes in all birds and loves caring for pukekos, ducks and seagulls, she has gained a lot of experience caring for these species, as there are a shortage of centres to take them in.

When we asked Sue what are the hardest things and the best things about wildlife rehabilitation, she said "Obviously putting all you can into saving a bird and losing it and seeing cruelty. Release is the best part seeing their excitement at being free again."

Sue joined WReNNZ a year ago after getting her permit for native birds and wanting to learn more and she plans to put her conference scholarship towards a big brooder to help more birds.  

Each season Sue is receiving around 300 birds that need help, including birds from the SPCA, so things can be incredibly busy, which can also be stressful.

Currently Sue has two wonderful volunteers Donelle and Zelda. At one stage Sue had 123 ducklings in care in just 4 months and she would love to have more regular volunteers involved before spring this year.

Sue's life is dedicated to helping birds that need care. If you would like to support her work or you live near Dunedin and you are interested in becoming a regular volunteer, please connect with Sue via Bird Rescue Dunedin on Facebook.  


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