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Dr Andrea Wilson & Nga Manu Nature Reserve

On 5th June, World Wildlife Day, WReNNZ announced the winner of our Brinsea competition, which was Dr Andrea Wilson from Nga Manu Nature Reserve.

"This is truly amazing and will be so useful to us at the reserve, we will be able to look after our orphaned and sick birds so much more effectively." Dr Wilson said. In the same week Dr Wilson received a Queens Birthday service award for her voluntary work in wildlife conservation mainly at Nga Manu Nature Reserve. To read more about Andrea's amazing work visit

Nga Manu Nature Reserve plans to use the incubator to hold injured and orphaned birds that are brought into the reserve for treatment and rehabilitation. They will also use it as needed to hold the young of native birds bred in the reserve as part of the national captive breeding programme.

The reserve accepts about 100 birds into their care at the reserve each year for treatment and rehabilitation, so many birds will benefit from the incubator which is wonderful news.

Nga Manu Nature Reserve is a nature and wildlife reserve in Waikanae. To find out more about the reserve including option to visit the reserve or support their work visit their website


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