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Minimising Stress for Wild Birds

When wild birds need to be rescued because they are sick, injured or orphaned they are likely to experience extreme stress in the process.

Despite the best intentions of rescuers, wild birds naturally view humans as predators and they are likely to be scared by all encounters with people. If needing rescue they may be in pain and potentially also in shock from their illnesses or injuries.

Image © Wild Bird Care

To best help wild birds in need of assistance, it is extremely important to minimise their handling and keep them in a warm, dark, quiet location away from people, domestic animals and unfamiliar noises until they can be collected by a rescuer, or while they are being transported to the nearest vet.

For vet clinics it is also very important when treating wild birds to keep them as far away from domestic animals, particularly dogs and cats as possible, ideally away from both the sounds and smells.

Learn Bird Care is an Affiliate Member of WReNNZ and they have written a fantastic article about Stress and Rescued Wild Birds.

If you are interested in rescuing and rehabilitating wild birds we encourage you to read the article which includes both short-term and long-term tips to minimise stress for wild birds during rescue and rehabilitation.

If you are new to bird rescue and rehabilitation Learn Bird Care also offer a free Introductory Course, please visit their website for more information


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