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Penguin Rescue, Protecting Endangered Yellow-eyed Penguins

WReNNZ members are involved in a wide range of critical rescue, rehabilitation and conservation work to help New Zealand wildlife.

WReNNZ Committee Member Rosalie Goldsworthy is the Manager of Penguin Rescue at Moeraki Lighthouse in the South Island.

Penguin Rescue's vision is to see Yellow-eyed Penguins removed from the endangered list.

Watch this video to find out more about their incredible work, rescuing and rehabilitating penguins, providing safe housing and habitat.

How can you help Yellow-eyed Penguins?

  1. If you are local or visiting the area please keep your distance from penguin breeding sites and if you are walking a dog in the area make sure they are on a leash.

  2. If you are local and keen to volunteer please contact Penguin Rescue to find out how best you can assist.

  3. Show your support by giving today, to help feed penguins in care and provide safe penguin housing.


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