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Wildlife Conference Overview

WReNNZ Wildlife Conference for 2019 was held 10-12th May at the Antarctic Centre in Christchurch with 15 speakers sharing a range of excellent wildlife information.

Some of the topics discussed included:

  • Compassion Fatigue

  • Penguin Rehabilitation Procedures

  • Managing Avian Malaria for Yellow-eyed Penguins

  • Rehabilitation of Natives in the Public Eye

  • Opening Wildlife Hospital Dunedin

  • Integrating Rehabilitation with Conservation

  • Kereru Raising

  • Kea Conservation

Additional presentations covered appropriate food for different birds, a range of other rehabilitation topics and there workshops that included basic first aid and crop feeding.

We visited Isacc's Conservation Park, South Island Wildlife Hospital and Willowbank Wildlife Reserve which were excellent. During dinner at the Wildlife Reserve we were fortunate enough to have renowned bird photographer Steve Attwood speak with us about his work.

Several wildlife vets presented along with many others doing outstanding rehabilitation and conservation work. The video below shows one of the speakers, Corey Mosen and the incredible kea conservation work he's been involved in with the world's only kea dog, Ajax.

New Zealand Kea are an endangered species, if you would like to help support kea conservation visit

Plans are now underway to lock in dates and locations for WReNNZ Wildlife Workshops in 2020 and WReNNZ next national Wildlife Conference in 2021.

To be kept up to date on all WReNNZ work and upcoming events, make sure you have registered for our newsletter list.


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