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Conservation by restoring back to health

WReNNZ - Wildlife Rehabilitators Network of New Zealand


WReNNZ is New Zealand's national wildlife network, open to everyone interested in New Zealand wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and release.


Since 2009 WReNNZ has provided the latest wildlife information, resources and linkages to bring together everyone involved with wildlife rehabilitation in New Zealand. We aim to educate, upskill, motivate and support rehabilitators to provide the best possible care for wildlife.

If you are keen to connect with individuals and organisations dedicated to New Zealand wildlife rescue and rehabililation, we invite you to join us today:

Wildlife rehabilitation is the rescue, first aid and supportive care of sick, injured or abandoned wildlife. It may involve veterinary care, feeding, nursing, housing, physical and nutritional support of animals. Successful rehabilitation results in fit, healthy animals that can be released back into the wild.

WReNNZ is a charity reliant on community support. To help us, please donate today.

All gifts $5 and over are tax-deductible.

Save Wildlife eBook

Save Wildlife eBook

Get your free copy of Save Wildlife, by registering for WReNNZ wildlife newsletter now.

WReNNZ ebook shares three of the most common reasons wildlife end up in care and outlines how you can help.

As a valued member of WReNNZ online community you'll receive regular updates about wildlife rescue and rehabilitation.

Annual Wildlife Training

WReNNZ hosts regular wildlife training for individuals and organisations engaged in New Zealand wildlife rehabilitation.


WReNNZ has exceptional speakers for the 2024 educational workshop. Topics to be covered will be HPAI, Biosecurity, HPAI Initial Health Assessment and Poopology. Details are here.


2023 - WReNNZ Wildlife Conference - 13th -14th May 2023 - Auckland Zoo.

Registration has closed. Read the conference report back here.

To receive WReNNZ updates including details about upcoming training, please register for our newsletter if you haven't already.


Wildlife Rescue Advice

If you come across baby birds, to avoid interfering unnecessarily and possibly doing more harm than good, please observe first and act second, following our advice.

To help any sick or injured native animals that need rescue assistance, read our rescue advice for guidance.


Many of WReNNZ members directly rehabilitate wildlife, you can also contact our rehabilitators by location for advice and assistance.


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