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Rant about the Wildlife Act

This blog article is a rant about the New Zealand Wildlife Act and is not necessarily the opinion of WReNNZ.

Seventy years ago, a law was passed in New Zealand called the Wildlife Act. It represented the thinking of the time. Men were made in God's image, and every other living thing, including woman, was a lesser being.

The sport of men was to be protected; rules were placed around game species to ensure that gentlemen could pursue their sport. Attitudes have changed, families are valued, and pets have become fur babies, but wildlife is still at the bottom of the heap - or so it seems!

It is time for an update.

The DOC website has an elaborate web to explain that the review process is well underway, and most of us are side-lined by the process. Our fear is that if the same people just keep doing the same things that they have done before, we will get the same as we have got before!

Our record of coexisting with our wildlife is appalling. Those of us lucky enough to work with wild species soon develop a huge respect for their abilities and understand the horror of extinction faced by 80% of them.

The time for navel-gazing is over.

· Register and spay all cats; limit three per household unless a registered breeder.

· Add feral cats to the 2050 predator eradication list.

· Protect coastal habitat from people.

What would you add to this list?

Enough is enough!

This article was written by

Rosalie Goldsworthy – Penguin Rescue

WReNNZ Vice-Chair


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